About Us

MY Name is John and my Wifes name is Maryann
Together we started pocono pure CBD.
I have nerve damage in my feet and my wife has L5S1 disc needs to be operated on and to top that off she has fibromyalgia which also causes extreme nerve pain. We both were tired of taking pain meds, your quality of life suffers when you have to take that many pills.
A friend told us about CBD full spectrum oil. We didn’t hold out too much hope but we ordered some and the day it arrived we waited until bed time and took one dropper each under our tongues, with in 20 minutes we were looking at each in disbelief, we had both skipped our night meds to give the CBD it’s chance to show us what is could do.
Well like I said 20 minutes later most of our pain was gone, we felt relaxed and almost completely pain free.
Not everyone will get the same relief as we did and continue to feel.
Some will get less and some will get even more relief.
Some feel it in minutes and some people it has to build up in the system for a week or two.